Leagues Are Here!

Leagues will be held on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm, single gameplay 1v1 (no doubles 2v2). The price is $160/person for an 8 week session. There will be a catered dinner on the final Tuesday (week 8) and an award will be given to the league champion. Leagues will be coed and are open to all ages 12 and up. Sign up below.

Next league starts October 4th.

League & Gameplay Rules

1. Axes

  1. Each and every axe is inspected prior to each league/gameplay night to ensure the
    axe is up to standard.
  2. Broken axes may not be used.
  3. Axe Heads must be one solid piece of metal held tightly to the handle
    1. Axes Heads that have become loose or have an axe head that is easily
      removed (i.e., heads that are clamped or held into the handle by screw
      or pin) are dangerous and will not be considered for league/gameplay play

2. Participants are instructed to grip the axe by the handle and only the handle.

  1. If an axe breaks or if a player would like to switch axes, they must notify the presiding official and are allowed up to 1 minute to switch axes.
  2. Any throwers knowingly purchasing and throwing restricted axes will be subject
    to sanctions, including but not limited to: forfeiting tournaments, seasons and
    additional suspensions from P.a.C.’s based on the severity of the infraction

3. Injuries

  1. If an injury occurs during league/gameplay play and the player is deemed to be unable to finish the remaining matches by a judge or medical professional then they may make up their matches the following league/gameplay night with no penalty.
    1. This will not count towards the player’s right to miss 2 weeks
    2. If there are throws remaining in the current match, then those scores are counted as zero
  2. If an injury occurs during any tournament and the player is deemed unable to progress by a Judge or medical professional, then any matches pending will be marked 0 points scored and matches forfeit.

4. Throwing

  1. Axes shall never be thrown when a participant is picking up an axe from the target area or when a judge is in the lane. This will result in an immediate disqualification (counted as a loss) for that match.
1. Minimum Age:

  1. P.a.C.’s enforces an age requirement of 12 years or older (Ages 12 to 17 need to have a parent or guardian sign and submit the waiver and a responsible adult needs to be in attendance).

2. Target Quality:

1. Targets should be relatively new and of sound quality prior to league/gameplay commencement.

    1. When targets deteriorate to a point where excessive movement or ‘wiggling’ of the axes occur when they land in the damaged area causing or risking good throws to fall out, the boards should be switched out to ensure fair play.
    2. Boards all must be individually secured and not able to slide or lift off from the target during Competition.
    3. If a large piece of wood or chunk falls out during play, the player may request to have the board changed but the ultimate decision will fall on the axe throwing referee (judge).
      1. Requests for board changes must be made before a game begins.
      2. Requests for board changes cannot be made between games of a best 2/3 match set. The request must be made before the match begins.
    4. Targets must be sprayed with water from a spray bottle prior to the start of league/gameplay.
      1. If boards are continually hard, league/gameplay members may request to have more water sprayed on the boards.
  1. No-one other than the official judge may alter the boards before, during, or after any match unless authorized by the presiding official.
    1. This includes pulling out pieces of boards, chopping or softening the board with their axe, watering the boards, etc.

3. Warm Up Throws:

  1. The number of warm-up throws allowed applies to all P.a.C.’s sanctioned
    league/gameplays and tournaments.

    1. Players may have up to 10 practice throws prior to their first match
    2. Players may have 1 practice throw prior to any subsequent match
      1. Players may have 1 practice throw between match games in the case of a best 2/3 match set
    3. Players are not allowed additional practice in empty lanes between matches for any sanctioned events (league/gameplays, tournaments, etc.) unless otherwise approved by a P.a.C.’s employed official.
    4. A P.a.C.’s employed official may, at their sole discretion, determine a different amount of warm-up throws during any official P.a.C.’s event
  2. The axe throwing referee will notify players when their match will commence.
  3. The league/gameplay will allow practice throws before official league/gameplay start time subject to availability, fairness, and consent of referee on-premises.
  1. Each league/gameplay week allows every participant 4 matches.
  2. Each match is played against different opponents, selected at random and consists of the following:
    1. 10 throws per match.
    2. In each match, players will take 5 throws then switch lanes.
      1. This ensures fair play when there’s varying density in wood.
    3. The winner of the match will be the person with the most points after 10 throws.
    4. In the event of a tie after 10 throws, there will be sudden death:
      1. See Scoring: iv.
  3. Starting targets will be determined by random selection.
  4. All scores must be recorded by players and reported to league/gameplay judge after each game conclusion.
  5. After 8 weeks, the 8th and final week of each season will be just a final match to determine the season’s Local Champion. There will also be a catered dinner on the 8th week.
  6. Each official league/gameplay run by an axe throwing venue is self-contained and may not be combined with other league/gameplays.
  7. No wearing earphones while throwing
  8. Pauses in play
    1. A presiding official may call a pause in play for any reason deemed necessary (rules review, confirmation, second opinion, etc.…)
    2. Should a Pause in Play occur, all match play must cease immediately and will resume at the discretion of the presiding official, where the pause began.
      1. For Example: If one player has thrown but the opposite player has not and there is a Pause in Play called, the match will resume with the opposite player throwing as normal
    3. Players may be able to challenge a call or ruling which will create a pause in play
      1. During this call, gameplay will be paused at that moment in time
  9. Throwing in a Wheelchair
    1. For individuals who use wheelchairs, all standard league/gameplay rules apply with the exception of the foot fault line.

    1. Individuals in wheelchairs must have one wheel behind the 12ft line when throwing in competition play.
    2. Any wheel on the wheelchair is acceptable as long as one of them is
      behind the 12ft line.
  1. Scoring Area of Axe
    1. The axe head, blade and cheek up to the front of the eye but not past it.
    2. An axe’s score is determined as the axe rests in the target and should not be removed to determine the score.
      1. Please see exception for Duals throwing in Section P.
    3. If there is no visible eye of the axe in the top of the axe head then it counts as where the handle would meet if going straight through. To be determined by the official presiding over the match.
  2. Points
    1. Axes must be inside the black line in order to count for that value:
      1. 6 points for the bullseye
      2. 5 points for the 1st ring (defined as the unmarked area between the bullseye and black ring around bullseye area)
      3. 4 points for the 2nd ring
      4. 3 points for the 3rd ring
      5. 2 points for the 4th ring.
      6. 1 point for the 5th ring.
      7. 8 points for the Killshot.
      8. If the axe falls before the presiding official scores the axe, the axe is counted as a drop
  3. Killshot Throw
    1. The Killshots are active for the 5th and 10th throw of each match.
    2. In the event of a tied match, Killshots are active for scoring to break the tie.
  1. A Break (breaking) is defined as when the axe is embedded in the wood and has the marked surface of the target area visible on both sides of the valid scoring area of the axe head.
    1. This concept is equally applied across all the target rings
  2.  If the axe breaks multiple sections of the target simultaneously, then the player is awarded the points for the higher valued section.
    1. Axes must be inside the black line in order to count for that value
    2. Touching the black line will not give you the point value; the axe must be inside the higher scoring area to receive those points
    3. For example: Touching the black line of the outer bullseye counts as a 4. Breaking it (unmarked wood of the outer bullseye on both sides) counts as a 5.
  3. The Killshot must have a red outline using a ballpoint pen which will count as a scoring area, but any blue that bleeds outside of the red outline will not. To gain points for the Killshot, the axe must break red or blue if inside of the red outline.
  4. The inner bullseye must have a black outline using a ballpoint pen which will count as a scoring area, but any red that bleeds outside of the black outline will not. To gain points for the inner bullseye, the axe must break red or black if inside of the black outline.

  1. P.a.C.’s players are allowed to throw axes in one of two ways:
    1. 1 Hand holding the axe, in an overhand or underhand position, with the blade facing the target before release.
    2. 2 Hands holding the axe with the blade facing the target before release.
  2. No other style of throws are permitted.
  3. No throw will be thrown without a verbal or gesture signal of an Open Lane from the presiding judge and confirmed by all throwers.
    1. If no signal is given or confirmation received, and a throw is made by a thrower, then that throw will count as a throw fault.
  4. Throws must be taken within 10 seconds of each other.
    1. If a thrower throws after 10 seconds of the other thrower, this will result in a Throw Fault.
  5. Rotation: the axe must make approximately 1 rotation in order for it to count.
    1. If the axe is close to making a full rotation (i.e., 50% rotation) and a portion of the blade touches and sticks to the target, the throw counts.

  1. One foot must be on the floor while the axe is thrown.
  2. Player’s feet may not cross the 12ft line until both axes have been verbally scored by the judge. Crossing the 12ft line before the judge scores both axes will result in a foot fault and the player’s throw will be scored a zero.
    1. If a player calls for a second opinion, both players must return behind the 12ft line until the second judge calls the score.
    2. If a player touches their axe before a second opinion call is made, the original score given by the first judge stands.
  3. An exception is made for throwers in wheelchairs.
  4. All Non-throwing Spectators must be to the side or at least 3ft behind throwers.

Late Players and/or Early Departures:

  1. Players are allowed to arrive up to 1 hour late, after official league/gameplay start time.
  2. Players are allowed to leave up to 1 hour early, prior to the end of the scheduled official league/gameplay time.
  3. If a player arrives late, after the 1-hour official start time or leaves earlier than the 1-hour league/gameplay completion time:
    1. Should a player leave the league/gameplay night early, the player that was scheduled to go against the one who is now absent will be granted an automatic win, but will perform 10 throws and have their points recorded.
    2. The late player will be allowed make up throws at the end of the night.
  4. Exceptions are allowed with consent of opposing players affected that day and approval from referee.

Tournament/Playoff Exception:

  1. Players are required to arrive to the playoffs at the start of regulation play.
  2. If a player is not present when their match begins, a 10-minute grace period will be offered.
    1. If the player does not show up, they will forfeit their match and the player that is present will be awarded the win.
    2. If the player arrives during their grace period, but is late for their next match, they will be immediately disqualified.


  1. Players are allowed to miss up to 2 days of regulation play during the season and make up their matches and throws in subsequent weeks:
    1. Players must make up any missed matches by week 7, otherwise, a loss will be attributed to their absence with a score of 0. If a player knows they’ll miss week 7 they must pre-throw any missed matches (up to 8 total for the season) before week 7 takes place.
    2. No missed matches and throws are to be performed during week 8 (playoffs) – the seven-week mark is the cut off.
  2. In order to miss a regulation league/gameplay night, players are required to give a minimum 1-day notice to the referee of their absence.
  3. League/gameplay participants are able throw up to 2 weeks in advance, including weeks 6 and 7, in anticipation of an absence
    1. This will count towards the participants ability to miss up-to 2 weeks of league/gameplay play
  4. If a League/gameplay participant misses 3 weeks or more of league/gameplay play, and does not make up those weeks, they cannot participate in playoffs as they have forfeited PAC’S Championship eligibility requirements


  1. Purposeful Distractions are defined as, but not limited to: Excessive celebration, taunting, using abusive, threatening or insulting language, trash talking, stepping in the lane during a throw, excessive noises, offensive gestures to opponents or any purposeful distractions with the intent to distract a player during a league/gameplay match or tournament round will not be permitted during games.
    1. First Offense:
      1. The first purposeful distraction from an opposing player will result in a zero score for that throw, for player causing the distraction
      2. The first purposeful distraction from a spectating league/gameplay member or tournament participant will result in a zero in their first throw of their next match
      3. The first purposeful distraction from a spectator not participating in league/gameplays or tournament will result in the immediate removal from the facility
      4. If the first purposeful distraction is a gross violation, intended to either save the player from a loss, intimidate the opposing player, or be an act of aggression against the opposing player or Judge, PAC’S or the presiding Judge may elect, at their sole discretion, that the player causing the purposeful distraction to be removed from the tournament,
        league/gameplay and/or facility.
    2. Second Offense:
      1. The second purposeful distraction from an opposing player will result in a forfeit for that match. Zero scores will be entered for the full match.
      2. The second purposeful distraction from a spectating league/gameplay member or tournament participant will result in a forfeit from their subsequent match. Zero scores will be entered for the full match.
    3. Third Offense:
      1. The third purposeful distraction from an opposing player will result in a forfeit of the season for league/gameplay play or forfeit from the tournament. The player will not be allowed to throw for the remainder of the season or remainder of tournament.
      2. The third purposeful distraction from a spectating league/gameplay member will result in a forfeit of the season or tournament. The league/gameplay member or tournament participant will not be allowed to spectate or participate for the remainder of the season or tournament.
  2. Match Fixing & Hippodroming in League/gameplay Play or Tournaments:
    1. If any player is found to fix a match to achieve a desired outcome, during league/gameplay play or tournaments, then that player will be banned from all PAC’S tournaments & league/gameplays. Player may appeal the ban, one year after the offense, pending review of the Owners.
    2. Not completing tournament or event requirements for participation.
    3. Anyone not completing pre-established tournament requirements (such as qualifying throws) will result in their position in the event/tournament being forfeit.

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